On Now

Start Date
15 April -  
End Date
21 April 2024
presented by Nostalgia Markets
Main Image
'Indie Stuff' illustration by Cheesin. Satrical take on young posers talking about music in a student flat.
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Artists: Cheesin,  Rue Archer, Ruco, Eli Armstrong, Avodoxa, Indvdl, Alex in Ink, Chemically Creative, Trobe

This is a collection of student art and artists from Wellington. Through Nostalgia Markets, we've been holding vintage and craft markets with Thistle Hall over the past year and wanted to find a way to highlight all of the incredible artists, designers and creatives that we see coming through as vendors.

The exhibition features 9 artists, ranging in photography, illustration, painting, and sculpture. There's truly something for everyone.



Flea Market
Saturday 20 April: 11am - 4pm
Thistle Hall (upstairs)

Nostalgia Markets' biggest vendor line up yet!



Email: thenostalgiamarkets@gmail.com
Instagram: @nostalgiamarkets
Tiktok: @nostalgiamarkets

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Up Next

Start Date
22 April -  
End Date
28 April 2024
Hamish Thompson
Main Image
Black and white photograph by Hamish Thompson. Shopkeeper at Good Housekeeping, Cuba Street.
Opening Hours
Monday: 1 - 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am - 5pm
Thursday (ANZAC Day): 1 - 5pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 1 - 5pm

Hamish Thompson’s photographic series, Behind the Counter: Wellington Shopkeepers, celebrates the personalities of 30 local shopkeepers and their shops, illustrating how they contribute to the unique character of Wellington.

Some shops have been family-run businesses since the 1920s. They include book stores, barber shops and florists, as well as stores specialising in fabrics, hats and ice cream.

These local businesses create a sense of place and community identity. They also provide personal customer service and a welcome alternative to chain stores and online retailers.

The photographs are presented in a ‘snapshot style’, capturing a variety of small shops that have caught Hamish’s eye on the streets of Wellington.



Instagram: @hamish_t_design

Email: studio@hamishthompson.co.nz

Website: hamishthompson.co.nz

Start Date
29 April -  
End Date
5 May 2024
Tom Bell, Liam McCartan and Mike Todd
Main Image
Poster for 'No Rhyme No Reason'. Tom Bell, Liam McCartan and Mike Todd. Looney Toons cats dressed as a samurai exploding upward in a shower of pot leaves.
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 6 pm

No Rhyme No Reason is an amalgamation of three friends who share a similar passion for painting.

Delve into whimsical realms inspired by a cocktail of cartoons and comics, where childhood nostalgia intertwines with a modern application and wink and nod to the absurd. Explore the intricate beauty of Japanese motifs meticulously hand-painted, each piece a testament to tradition and craftmanship which whisper ancient tales from their sturdy confines.

Experience the dynamic energy of Japanese themes bought to life with vivid hues and inspiration drawn from a devotion to the tattooing elements and applied using the vibrant hues of Copic markers which bring the pieces to life in a riot of colour.

Together, the collective works invite you to participate on an exploration of shared imagination, an exception from convention, and ride the wave through our eclectic art exhibition. There is no rhyme, no reason’, just a dash of irreverence.



Tom Bell: @tombellgraphics

Liam McCartan: @nachostudios1

Mike Todd: @miketoddtattoo


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