Start Date
20 May -  
End Date
26 May 2024
Vino Martyn and Lindsay Park
Main Image
"Dance All Night" a stained glass art piece by Vino Martyn. Human figures in jewel toned red and blue dance gracefully in front of an abstract arch.
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm


Handcrafted Mosaic Stained Glass Art - Vino Martyn

I started working with glass in 2010 as a hobby wanting to express my inspirations, thoughts, experiences and the world around me in the form of mosaic stained glass art. I have a story behind every piece of work I have produced. Each piece of glass is cut and shaped to size by hand and placed to form a unique picture that relates my thoughts.

Fashion Jewellery - Lindsay Park

I’m a contemporary jewellery artist based in Wellington. My work is unique as it relates to elements of biodiversity, our natural environment and popular culture that is found in Aotearoa. For this exhibition I’m working with shells, feathers and other natural elements that celebrate Aotearoa’s maritime aspects and our unique avifauna.