Start Date
30 May -  
End Date
5 June 2022
Various artists
Main Image
big rock at Moa Point, artwork
Opening Hours
Monday, noon - 11.00pm
Tuesday - Saturday, 10.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Artists - Freedman White, Charlotte Hird, Ben Dellabarca, Sam Balzer, Jerome Moo, Amit Dutta, Nick Cattell, Brenton Cottman, Harris Gebbie, Mary Guo, Nathan Tucker, Tatiana Krayushkina, Stephen Njoto and Tri Phan

There will be artists Involved in the exhibition present at all times, and many will be painting. Feel free to come along and ask any questions you might have.

Experience New Zealand through the eyes, minds and brushes of a group of enthusiastic plein air artists. En Plein Air is simply painting from life. In viewing these paintings you bear witness to not just a snapshot, but each artist's personal meditation on a landscape. In a typically short period of time (1-3 hours) the artist will grapple with changing colours, light and reflections to present a dynamic and spontaneous moment. Each painting has a unique story to its making, All recorded within the choices made and the brushstrokes themselves. They are a reminder, to be more observant of the wonderous ever-changing beauty that surrounds us. We are pleased to share these experiences with the New Zealand landscape with you at Thistle Hall, offer an opportunity engage with artists and perhaps come away with a desire to make your own.