Start Date
21 June -  
End Date
28 June 2016
Main Image
Piece 1
Opening Hours
10.00am - 4.00pm, Monday - Saturday
10.00am - 2.00pm, Sunday

Welcome to the fascinating world of string art, the creative craft working with wood, nails and string. My exhibition shows a range of techniques used including abstract, representational designs, 2 and 3 dimensional, layered, paired and a few string sculptures.

A special section devoted to the "spider-man series" featuring 10 pieces showing various body positions strung in alternative styles.

Personal statement

For me thread design started back in the mid 70's with my brother bringing homework home of geometric patterns (symmography) from college. theses were later handed onto me to do, I soon revised that this was a great way to make a piece of art. Slowly over the years I continued to gather and collate resources leading into some original designs of my own. My passion for working with nails and string motivates me to create. I like the idea of the artwork being with all who appreciate beautiful pictures which can enhance the home, office or workplace.