Start Date
25 April -  
End Date
1 May 2022
Tom Wallace (a.k.a. Tomollusk)
Main Image
The Heart of Contrast Poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday; 11.00am - 6:00pm

‘The Heart of Contrast’ is a series of surreal ‘paint drawings’ that are not bound by any overarching theme or narrative but by the process in which they were created.

Drawing with a ‘wax on, wax off’ approach, I use both black and white paint together. I mindlessly contrast them back and forth against each other and build up the canvas full of abstract lines, shapes, patterns and textures. This allows my mind to wander and relax so imagery within the painting is free to present itself without judgement. Taking inspiration from this the final work is constructed over time with a series of decisions based more on intuition rather than a pre – determined idea of what it ‘should be’.  Like seeing something in a cloud and having the ability to sculpt it to make your vision clearer.

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