Start Date
5 February -  
End Date
11 February 2024
Stuart Gray
Main Image
Friendly robot lamp - cheese grater body with metal pipe and window latch limbs. Artist Stuart Gray.
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 9.30am to 5pm

I like to use materials which are sourced from recycling centres, op-shops and peoples throw away items. With the vision of less entering landfills I repurpose items which may end up as trash.

I turn what is generally not used anymore or out of fashion into art, generally robot type characters, vehicles, animals and sometimes lamps. I like people to look at an object and think, "What was that used for?" or "What could that have been?", especially with old vintage unusable items. I like the interest, amusement and amazement the public express when viewing works.

Instagram: @willhelm1905