Start Date
3 February -  
End Date
9 February 2020
Scrawl Collective
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scrawl collective poster
Opening Hours
10.00am - 6.00pm, Tuesday 4 - Sunday 9 February

Six Stories is the culmination of a collaborative project between an illustrator, sculptor and photographer; Scrawl Collective. Based loosely on a board game (itself based on the playground game Telephone) each artist was presented with an original artwork by another of the group and asked to respond in their own medium. The resulting work was in turn passed to the next artist who translated, created and passed their new work on again. As the works rotate, vocabularies emerge, building narratives which germinate, bloom and dissolve. Six Stories brings together months of interpretations and reimaginings in six multifarious, linear storylines exploring the idea that the world we see is the same but what we take away from it is purely our own.

Scrawl Collective is: Becks Popham, Dani Henke, John Duke

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