Start Date
7 October -  
End Date
13 October 2019
Rebecca Flowerday
Main Image
Rebecca Flowerday artwork

SLIP, SLOP, SLAP is a solo sculptural ceramic exhibition by local ceramicist Rebecca Flowerday.

Rebecca Flowerday has developed a sculptural view of the world, which has drawn her naturally to the tactile pleasures of clay and its ability as a medium to record texture so well.

Since completing the Otago Diploma of Ceramic Art, working under the Studio tutelage of Jennifer Turnbull in Otaki, she is rediscovering abstract shapes of the New Zealand landscape, flora and fauna which hold a strong influence on her textural work.

She enjoys the fluid, naturalistic textures that clay can exemplify and the embellishment of glaze, giving depth and feeling to the sculptural pieces she individually hand builds.

As the title suggests, her exhibition focuses on the moulded form from porcelain slip but avoids predictable repetition.  By using a destructive technique involving plaster moulds, Rebecca creates diverse and organic textures.

Out of the chaos has emerged a series of handmade pieces, each with an individual line, which runs contrary to the common view when anyone mentions the word ‘mould’.

Not particularly following the rules but pursuing a personal aesthetic, this marks Rebecca’s first solo show, which is about using the chosen mediums to their advantage.

The Empty Bowls NZ Project has occupied her attention over recent years, an event that supports the marginalised and homeless amongst us, and is generously supported by Potters and Ceramicists from all over the Wellington region.

“I hope the intense elation I feel in the making, shows through my pieces.”



Instagram: Potterazzinz