Start Date
9 August -  
End Date
14 August 2016
Lorraine Tarrant and Peter Rumble
Main Image
Lorraine Tarrant and Peter Rumble exhibition image


The opening speaker will be historian Malcolm McKinnon. 

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00am - 6.00pm 

A truly unique exhibition is due to open in early August at Thistle Hall in Upper Cuba Street. Wellington: ink and clay is a collaborative exhibition of watercolour and three-dimensional images depicting buildings around Wellington by artist Lorraine Tarrant and sculptor Peter Rumble.

Lorraine Tarrant’s words
‘My regular painting arm was put out of action by a frozen shoulder, so I picked up a pen with my left hand and discovered a new style. Using watercolour pencils to bring out the colour and a dash of water to create the desired effect, I’ve captured glimpses of some of our favourite buildings.

So far, I’ve painted buildings in Island Bay, Berhampore, Lyall Bay, Kilbirnie, Cuba Street, Aro Street and Newtown. And there are so many other interesting corners to discover. 

Particularly appealing are familiar shops and businesses clearly still operating today, and when you look up, historic Wellington is just sitting there on top. I am excited to be joined by Peter Rumble, who has created three-dimensional versions of some of the same buildings I have painted.’

Peter Rumble’s words
‘I am a late starter on the art front. Sculpture is my preference, with an emphasis over the past three years on works with clay. My art is driven by a need to ‘make stuff’. Subjects are many and varied, but I am particularly attracted to architectural and geometric forms.

I have had two very successful solo exhibitions and I am now looking forward, in 2016, to two collaborative exhibitions.

As a member of the Wellington Potters’ Association, I am on the Firing Team for the annual anagama (wood-fueled) firing and salt-kiln firings, processes I find, at once, exhilarating, confounding, demanding and rewarding.’