Start Date
26 September -  
End Date
1 October 2016
Main Image
artwork by Linda MacManus
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.30am - 5.30pm

Between the Lines is a collection of photographic work by Wellington based artist Linda Mac. To read between the lines, is to interpret meaning beyond the obvious or literal. There are things that remain unsaid, perhaps because we don't have the words...or perhaps because there are no words. Even silence, the absence of words, can speak volumes.
So too with art. It can have many meanings, some of which may be obvious, some of which require reflection to absorb, and some of which the artist may not have intended, or have even been aware of. Once an artwork is on the gallery wall, it's meaning ceases to be under the control of the artist (if indeed, it ever was) and it becomes something that can be perceived and interpreted in many different ways, by many different people. 
As an artist, I enjoy adding the element of chance to my work, which allows me to collaborate with the unseen energy of that particular moment in time and space. Intuition along with experience and technique guide my art practice, working in the darkroom with camera-less photography and alternative photography development, and also in the studio using digital photography.