Start Date
27 March -  
End Date
2 April 2023
Jessica Gurnsey
Main Image
Young woman at home with posters
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Thursday, 11am - 5pm
Friday - Saturday; 10am- 6pm
Sunday - 10am - 12pm

“Capturing people in their places is one of the most beautiful and fascinating things I've ever achieved. I love stepping back from a painting and recognising their expression, the specific way their hair falls, the creases by their eyes, and the way their cheeks blush when they smile. I love imperfections painted perfectly because these are what make us human.”

People Watching 2023 is young artist Jessica Gurnsey’s first-ever solo exhibition. After becoming the youngest-ever winner of the Adam Portraiture Award in 2022, Jessica has built up a collection of original acrylic on canvas portraits that capture the chaos, details, and emotion of everyday people in their places.
This event is free entry, running for one week only!  
Originals and limited edition prints are available for purchase.

Website        Exhibition page      Email     Instagram - @jessicagurnseyart


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