Start Date
15 November -  
End Date
20 November 2022
Creek Waddington
Main Image
image of Joan
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 7.00pm
Sunday, noon - 3.00pm

An exhibition celebrating a life of creative projects;  “to kind of protest in favour of scruffiness, bodies, hairy bodies, scruffy sexuality, which is connected with my butchness”.
‘Me as a butch child with imaginary butch parent’ is a huge pen-and-ink drawing of being held, showing the imagined experience of being loved, and accepted. Works celebrate unseen lives, like Creek's friend Joan, filmed smashing jars of preserves against a wall as the only way she could express her grief at the death of her secret lesbian lover of 30 years.
“Queer vanity, irreverence and exaggeration, including via melodrama, are techniques of expressing. No-one else is gonna do vanity for you, or tell you you're glorious. You'd better do it yourself.”
This is an exhibition that celebrates us all as glorious, with our strange sounds, awkward sex lives, attempts at meaning, tiny projects, and experiments. It says the ordinary can be extraordinary.



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