Start Date
20 February -  
End Date
26 February 2023
Catz Designz
Main Image
Bunny besties collage
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, 10am - 3pm

Welcome to the launch and exhibition of this new chapter as an emerging ‘creative’.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been drawn to colour, texture and pattern in the world around me and how its presence enriches life. During the Covid lockdown, as a distraction from the dark cloud and mayhem being caused by the pandemic, I rediscovered my love of creativity and its healing qualities. We can’t underestimate the power and value of a little whimsy to counter balance the more serious side of life.

Catz Designz are a fine balance between simplicity and complex detail. Stylized yet exacting. Made from carefully selected papers designed by talented Australian and American designers the materials conjure the impression of fabric and reflections of nature. The created works are understated and unexpected. With the addition of a feather here, some glitz there and lots of imagination they become enchanting and even exotic!

These creative collages provide a vehicle for people of all ages to escape reality, albeit for a moment during this exhibition, or longer if a work finds its way into someone’s home or workspace. Then a little magic shared can ripple out into the community having had a positive effect.