Start Date
7 November -  
End Date
13 November 2022
Annaliese Brown
Main Image
Golem Exhibition poster
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm
Thursday 11am - 9pm (late night)

A golem is a clay being in Jewish mystical practice, created for a specific task. Ideally, they are created for the benefit of a community, but, just like the people who create them, they are inherently flawed. While often seen as a symbol of chaos and destruction, they have with them the power to heal, create and hold guardianship over a community. The difference lies in the intention and impact of the person who creates them. I build golems as a way of understanding the individual and its place within a community. While I create them with my own self in mind, their end purpose is to give space to all who navigate place and belonging to a range of contradicting, yet beautiful cultures.

Clay sculpture workshops!

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th, 2pm - 4pm

$20 waged, $15 unwaged

Facebook event for the workshops

Contact on Instagram - @annaliese.rosa

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