Start Date
6 June -  
End Date
11 June 2023
Hannah Walsh
Main Image
Living Light
Opening Hours
10am - 6pm


Hannah Walsh is a Poneke based artist from Taranaki.Educated in, and currently practicing architecture, she enjoys both the similarity and polarity woven between her architecture and art worlds. Her works explore the role of drawing and painting as primary tools for interpreting, interrogating and viewing.Particularly interested in mark-making as an active means of thinking and synthesising, her practice draws upon marks that perpetually resurface across all scales in our natural environment. Through recurringly tracing these marks, her practice explores the agency of this scale-less language and its ability to showcase the interconnectedness of the spaces and environments that we occupy.


Living Light is a solo exhibition by Pōneke based artist Hannah Walsh.

Living Light showcases a long evolving exploration of intuition and creative surrender. Devoid of any preconception or intention, the works explore techniques of immediacy and automatism, drawing upon the creative agency of the subconscious.

Through this enquiry, the paintings surface as fields of ethereal space, movement, and matter. Their visual language makes shape of the invisible, immaterial, introspective worlds we live in. Within these worlds, scale is rendered meaningless, and space is rendered infinite.

Walsh's works feature repetitive marks woven between layers of colour and texture. The marks are born from moments of intuitive freedom, tracing instinct and the liberating absence of reason. They ebb and flow and scratch and orbit, over and under and through.

While it counters the nature of these paintings to be fully defined, viewers are invited to ponder their depths, edges and energies, in a hope they inspire new ways of seeing.