Start Date
22 April -  
End Date
28 April 2024
Hamish Thompson
Main Image
Black and white photograph by Hamish Thompson. Shopkeeper at Good Housekeeping, Cuba Street.
Opening Hours
Monday: 1 - 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am - 5pm
Thursday (ANZAC Day): 1 - 5pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 1 - 5pm

Hamish Thompson’s photographic series, Behind the Counter: Wellington Shopkeepers, celebrates the personalities of 30 local shopkeepers and their shops, illustrating how they contribute to the unique character of Wellington.

Some shops have been family-run businesses since the 1920s. They include book stores, barber shops and florists, as well as stores specialising in fabrics, hats and ice cream.

These local businesses create a sense of place and community identity. They also provide personal customer service and a welcome alternative to chain stores and online retailers.

The photographs are presented in a ‘snapshot style’, capturing a variety of small shops that have caught Hamish’s eye on the streets of Wellington.



Instagram: @hamish_t_design