Start Date
22 August -  
End Date
28 August 2022
A Group Show of Contemporary Jewellers
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flyer for delimit exhibition
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday 11:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 11:00am - 3:00pm

delimit is a group show of contemporary jewellers and jewellery adjacent practitioners. It features the work by 33 artists from across the motu. The artists have worked in a range of media exploring the concepts of interstitiality and liminality. If an object is a discrete form in a given state, then it stands to reason that it must have an ending, an edge or threshold, where said object and or its state ceases to be and something other begins, and between these beginnings and endings there must be a space, or a clearing, the smallest of intervals between things, a void, a new space, so that what is not there has the same weight as what is.

Vivien Atkinson, Maca Bernal, Becky Bliss, Vernon Bowden, Nadene Carr, Fran Carter, Kristin D’Agostino, Peter Deckers, Sharon Fitness, Mandy Flood, Karl Fritsch, Nik Hanton, Lisa Higgins, Louise Hill, Neke Moa, Katie Pascoe, Sarah Read, Sandra Schmid, Nadine Smith, Mia Straka, Caroline Thomas, Nina van Duijnhoven, Lisa van Hulst, Tia Venning, Lisa Walker, Sarah Walker-Holt, Raewyn Walsh, Jess Winchcombe, Kathryn Yeats, Grace Yu Piper, Keri-Mei Zagrobelna, John Sheehan & Sean O'Connell

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