Start Date
20 November -  
End Date
26 November 2023
Frankie Berge
Main Image
Paintings by Frankie Berge. Nude figures expressing the queer sacred feminine via exaggerated curves, glowing orange tones, and larger than life scale.
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Meniscus is an exhibit comprised of painting, photography and wearable sculpture. An alternative perspective, an invitation to float amongst high expression figures.

Grounded in both the everyday and otherworldly phenomenon of a meniscus, the curve in the surface of water when it touches another substance, I imagine a world between one surface and another, thick with melting light, its own qualities and rules. That magic of natural elements that we sometimes lose amongst its mundane usage. I aim to translate those sensory characteristics into something tangible through my craft. These interpretations are then related back to themes of queerness and the divine feminine - an extension of my identity and perspective on the world. Works explore bending the expected forms of reality - our bodies and emotions with color and composition create portals into a heightened, queer and surreal world.