Start Date
1 April -  
End Date
7 April 2024
Ehsan Hazaveh and Sahar Fanian
Main Image
Poster for Women, Life Freedom photography exhibition.
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

The Woman, Life, Freedom photo exhibition showcases staged actions with Iranian activists who have deeply immersed themselves in the tragic events in Iran. The photos strive to depict instances of what happened in Iran during the uprising, as seen through the eyes of the performers. Despite residing in a peaceful country, Iranians are confronted daily with alarming news from their homeland. Through this collection, Ehsan Hazaveh intends to convey the experiences of the Iranian diaspora in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The exhibition also screens Women Rising (2023), a short documentary by Sahar Fanian. The documentary profiles Hanna Habibi, one of the leading activists behind the Women Life Freedom movement in Wellington, NZ. In the film, Hanna talks about her experiences growing up as a girl in Iran, what ultimately led to her decision to leave Iran, and the events that unfolded around the death of Mahsa Amini that prompted Hanna and other women around the globe to take action. The film will be part of a larger series documenting the stories of other brave and inspiring Iranian women behind the movement.


Sunday 7th April, from 2 - 3pm

Symbolic dance performance by Bahareh

Speeches from Tamatha Paul (Wellington Central MP), Joanne Looyen (Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand),  and the artists Ehsan and Sahar.



Instagram: @ehsanhazaveh, @iraniansolidarity

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