Start Date
26 June -  
End Date
1 July 2018
Danielle Arnott, Jenny Ruan & Te Paea Hoori
Main Image
exhibition photo
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10.00am - 6.00pm

Showing the work of fashion designers Dannielle Arnott, Jenny Ruan and Te Paea Hoori, this exhibit explores the changing role of fashion and the ever evolving parameters of ‘humanity'.

Exhibited will be the final garments and editorial images of each designer, as well as working drawings, samples and work-booking that explores the process and development behind each designer’s works.

Each capsule collection represents a different response to Posthumanist theory—a relatively new realm of philosophy that rejects both humanist and anti-humanist approaches. 

Posthumanism questions what it means to be a human. It looks back at the history of our species and the fallacy that we have at all times, all been afforded equal status as ‘human’. Simultaneously it looks forward, to how technology and medical-advancement is increasingly removing our tethers to the laws of nature—and blurring the edges of the boxes created to isolate “human” from “non-human”.