Start Date
10 April -  
End Date
16 April 2023
Clotilde Damico
Main Image
Seaside scene - mist
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10:30am - 6:30pm

I have been captivated by the beauty of New Zealand for the past seven years, and I am delighted to share my work today. I wish it was  an invitation to experience the poetry of the Living.

Each image is the result of a deep and introspective conversation, much like the ones you might have with a tree if you take the time to listen, or with a river if you allow yourself to be immersed in its flow. I have an unwavering tenderness for all living things and strive to capture their essence.

Some pieces aim to recreate a specific moment, with an abstract rendering. Others showcase the harmony of lines, through drawing or engraving.

I delight in surrendering control and welcoming the unexpected moments that emerge during the creative process. Although my artwork may not  reflect this sense of chaos, it is present within each piece I create.