Start Date
17 June -  
End Date
22 June 2016
Main Image
Piece 1

How does it feel to be between states of change? Can you imagine the gradient of saturation as one sense takes over from the other? Chora Carleton and Tyler Jackson exhibition ?Between? presents an exploration and interaction of their art practices, offering two ways of approaching the effect of colour perception and space on the viewer. 

Chora Carleton?s practice indulges on the phantasy of colour, sensation and space through beautiful soft watercolour abstract paintings. On the other hand, Tyler Jackson?s practice entails an avid enquiry into the phenomenological role of light and colour, materiality and aesthetics through intense saturated colour objects that enrich in form and interaction.

The exhibition ?Between? will present these two different approaches to handling colour, the artist?s wish to spark conversations into how one perceives and experiences colour.