Start Date
8 May -  
End Date
13 May 2018
Celia Kent
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Opening Hours
Tuesday 8th May - Sunday 13th, 10.00am - 6.00pm

A frustrated eye, a contemplative smile, a disagreeing nose. I like to study faces, and how those around us share their moods. How their faces give them away. Expressive Features; The Nose Knows is a passionate and quirky multi-media enquiry into the capturing of facial features, and the contours, expressions, and moods behind them. I'll be exhibiting pen and ink portraiture, ceramic pot sculpture, and much more. 

My work will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition, from small and wallet-friendly greeting cards to one-of-a-kind ceramic pots. I will also be doing on-the-spot portraits and am open to commissions.

All ages are welcome to the opening night of Expressive Features.

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