Start Date
4 December -  
End Date
10 December 2016
beata kozlowska & david moraton
Main Image
David Moraton, Whispers
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00am - 6.00pm

“Weaving Light and Space” is a first New Zealand based collaborative art exhibition by two visual artists based in Wellington and London, UK: Beata Kozlowska and David Moraton. 

The exhibition showcases their recent art works made in Wellington. Lines, strings and light are recurrent elements and main motifs of both artists’ installations, paintings, drawings and videos. Wherever placed three-dimensionally or represented on a bi-dimensional surface, these lines connect each other in weaving structures, mapping the space that they live in, creating complex organic forms and casting lights and shadows. Both artists find commonality in using lines and light to evoke the transcendental through abstract imagery, which constitute an integral part of their visual languages.

For Kozlowska, this results in a tangible vocabulary of motifs, layered marks and carefully re-edited forms, but within this matrix, the sequence is disordered and the originating mark is lost in the process of becoming something else. Moraton considers this experience more as a path leading to exploration of the Sublime in digital media.

Beata Kozlowska, (born in Poland) studied Master Degree in Fine Arts ( MFA) at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2010, and Drawing, Bachelor Degree (BA) (Hons) in 2008 at the University of The Arts, Camberwell College of Arts London and MA Polish Literature and Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. Her practice spreads through many disciplines like drawing, painting, performance, installation, video and sculpture.

She has been exhibiting in numerous shows in London, UK, and internationally in Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Spain among others. In addition she was selected to several national and international art residencies UK Aspex Gallery, Cortijada Los Gazques Spain, KCCC Lithuania and most recently Arteles in Finland.

David Moraton (Spain) is a video-artist specialised in stereoscopic video animations and interactive installations. He graduated from the Fachhochschule Hannover, Germany and also from the Universidad of Valencia in Spain. He has been exhibiting in Germany, Spain, Finland, UK, Japan and USA, and last year he was finalist of the Lumen Prize for Digital Art for his video art work “Visus Sonitus”. Combined with his artistic career, David works creating visual effects for movies. He will be showing his latest videos and digital prints.

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