Start Date
16 March -  
End Date
22 March 2020
Aleksandra & Gill
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Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00am - 6.00pm

"Apply" came as an idea to engage with the audience through our own and collaborative work, to create and achieve something that would inform and engage the community in the dialogue; we really enjoy working together. This exhibition is a showcase of practise and an invitation to learn and enquire. 

Gill - My creativity is driven by lack of personal direction when I became unwell. “ I offend my own definition of an artist. I am an object maker and idea generator. I question the need for art to be beautiful or perfect--- I like and require some  social comment to flow from my creations. I consider my work, ideas that I throw to the universe for others (more skilled and dedicated), to explore and grow.”

Aleksandra - My creativity is driven by nature my life force, my muse. Process of making and creative thinking is what interests me. I am a mixed media artist, creative process knows no bounds, a kind of originality that knows no limits.