Start Date
4 July -  
End Date
10 July 2016
Harriet Bright & Denise Durkin
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Painting from the show LINE AND LIGHT - FIGURE WORK


Harriet Bright 
Harriet Bright's work breathes immediacy and fluidity. She captures the spirit of her models with lively line work and a free, loose style of painting.

Born in Norfolk in 1973, Harriet emigrated to New Zealand ten years ago. She won the Adam award for Portraiture in 2010, and was a finalist in the NZ Art Show signature Awards. She has held many solo and group exhibitions, most recently a collaboration with Elspeth Shannon at the New Zealand Portrait gallery.

Harriet works directly from life, and for many years has been engaged with the simple and expressive qualities of line.

Harriet's work can be found at

Denise Durkin
In 2001 I made a commitment to drawing and painting. I first began drawing the figure at Wellington Polytechnic, and when I wanted to increased the fine arts direction of my life I returned to the human as a subject. This started my association with Inverlochy Art School and their untutored life classes. There I was able to develop my drawing and painting skills and increased my confidence with the figure. 

I have been helped immensely by Inverlochy Art School and the personal micro community I have found there, particularly artist friend Patricia Fry who has pushed my oil painting and drawing along with encouragement and a painter's eye over my work.

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