Start Date
10 October -  
End Date
16 October 2022
Various artists
Main Image
Mind Aid poster
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday, 10.00am - 8.00pm

Artists: Joey La Meche, Rachel Barber, Hudson Roper, Jeanne Gagnierre & Gorgery Cheung

It is just as important to take care of our Mental health as it is our physical health and in fact, they are often intertwined.

Over the following week 10 - 16th OCTOBER five artists come together to present an exhibition of visual art that explores the notions and necessities of refining our understandings of our inner minds, to find that place that we can call a safe haven from the occasional destructive forces at work around us.

Alongside the exhibition various practitioners will lead workshops that will enable us to build a set of tools in order to live a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

Thanks to the kind donations of DeepWave & Wellington City Council this whole event can be enjoyed for FREE!

It is advisable to book a place ahead of time by visiting

Tuesday 11th October
Life Drawing Class 7pm
Hudson Roper Live 8pm

Wednesday 12th October
Yoga 7.30pm

Thursday 13th October
DeepWave Brainwave Entertainment 2pm
Everybody Eats Presentation 7.30pm

Friday 14th October
DeepWave Brainwave Entertainment 2pm
sSendam Rawkustra Live 7pm

Saturday 15th October
DeepWave Brainwave Entertainment 10am
Writing with Wonder Workshop  2pm
RatWorld Zine making Workshop 4.30pm
GoldDust Performance Evening 7.30pm

Sunday 16th October
Everybody Dance 11am
Devon Webb Poetry Workshop 2.30pm
The Spirit Of Kirtan (Chanting) 4pm