Start Date
7 August -  
End Date
12 August 2018
Ruby Urquart
Main Image
Ruby Urquart - drawing
Opening Hours
Wednesday - Saturday, 11.00am - 5.30pm
Sunday, 12 noon - 2.00pm

A debut exhibition from Ruby Urquhart which paradoxically explores the absence of creativity.

These meditative and repetitive drawings are a defense against the idea that if you don't do something, you'll lose yourself. A record of a slow and methodical healing process. Through both the process of their creation and the context in which they were created, these meditative and repetitive drawings are tangible representations of the experience of time spent dealing with it.

The internal landscape can be reflected in our external surroundings. In these meditative and repetitive drawings, this manifests as lines intersecting and supporting each other, reminiscent of the overwhelming feeling of looking up at very tall buildings.

Ruby Urquhart grew up in Wanaka and is now a Wellington-based artist. she studied at the Learning Connexion in 2012 and 2013.